Insinyur desain elektronik

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Job responsibilities:

Application of integrated control units for Power Window Application.
- application of integrated circuit control system for window power system
- Negotiation and defining the functionality (Specification) with Chinese customer.
- negotiate with Chinese customers and define performance (technical conditions)
- Presentation of project documents like: TKU, Test Plan, Validation List, Test Result, FMEA and drawings to the customer.
- introduce project documents to customers, such as technical data, test plan, confirmation, test results, FMEA and drawings
- Application of software: anti-punch function and system reactions to user commands (HMI)
- software application: anti-clamping performance and user instruction (HMI) system response
- Performing software changes at customer.
- make software changes at the customer
- Analysis of system errors (bugs) together with customer (HW; SW; Mechanics)
- analyze system errors (interference) with customers (hardware; Software; Machinery)
-teamwork in international development teams (ED,AE)
- team work spirit in international r&d team (ED, AE)
Promote close cooperation between RBCC and AE engineers.
- promote the cooperation between RBCC and AE engineers

Job requirements:

-bs or Master degree in electronic engineering
- bachelor degree in mechanical or electronics related field
- 2 or 3 years working experience in electronics
- 2-3 years working experience in electronic development
- Experienced in using PC office software
- good use of office software
- Be familiar with hardware and software in Electronics control system.
- familiar with the hardware and software of electronic control system
-good command of English language both written and spoken
- good command of English in reading, writing, listening and speaking

Insinyur manajemen desain pengembangan mobil energi baru

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Job description:

Job responsibilities:
1. Strategic design of vehicle control and battery management system;
2. Development of controller software and communication protocol;
3. General layout design;
4. Electric principle of the vehicle, safety design of high-voltage system;
5, controller electrical, structure, wiring harness, patent parts selection design;
6. EMC analysis and system experiment test;
7. Remote monitoring information analysis and management;
8. Special service support and management of new energy vehicles and implementation of relevant laws and policies;
9. Motor selection, power system matching design and test;
10. Cell/module selection design;
11. Analysis, design and test of battery PACK structure and cooling system;
12. Power battery production process design, skill training, production plan logistics and equipment preservation.
Job requirements:
1. More than 1 year related working experience, familiar with motor, control, battery, electronics, electrical technology and other related knowledge
2. Proficient in CAD, CATIA, UG, pro-e and other design software
3. Strong sense of responsibility, good communication and understanding ability, team spirit, able to solve practical problems creatively

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